Allied Managed Care - Medical Cost Containment

We help control the cost of what costs you the most

The steadily rising cost of delivering optimal care for sick and injured workers continues to drive up your losses. In conjunction with our sister company, Allied Managed Care (AMC), we help control those costs from the very outset of each claim.

Through focused, multidisciplinary medical cost-containment services, we work with employers, employees, and providers to:

  • Review each medical bill thoroughly
  • Provide comprehensive utilization review services - URAC Accredited
  • Deliver and execute treatment plans through comprehensive nurse case management
  • Establish performance and progress goals

By working with you to define the most effective case management model and providing best-practice approaches learned from our more than 40 years of experience, we help save you money on each case.

For a detailed description of our Medical Cost Containment approach, click here or call (800) 431-6336.