General Liability

The more we do, the less you lose.

As your loss-portfolio manager, we carefully monitor and manage the cost and severity of your liability, property and auto claims. Our goal is to protect your bottom line through our Acclamation Insurance Management Services® family of integrated services for cost effective adjusting and administration of general liability insurance claims, which includes the following service components:

  • Verifying, analyzing and evaluating your coverage
  • Developing statement guidelines for recurring losses
  • Analyzing liability and damages - including duty ownership, duty breaches, and resultant damages
  • Establishing case reserves and developing reserve strategies
  • Managing litigation
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Identifying and pursuing recovery, subrogation, and salvage to lower claims costs

Working in concert with you, we are dedicated to responding promptly and moving toward a speedy and cost-effective resolution. To do so, we follow strict protocols that include:

  • Establishing contact with all involved parties within 24 hours of receiving a claim
  • Planning and executing claims investigations
  • Assuring continuous reserves review
  • Providing reports to excess insurance carriers
  • Identifying opportunities for early case disposition and settlement

Our goal is to transcend your expectations. Through clear and effective communications; reporting tailored to meet your needs, and 24/7 electronic access to your loss portfolio, we help you achieve better outcomes and maintain appropriate loss-management control.

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